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Default Re: T-Mac or Kevin Durant

Originally Posted by CelticBaller
03 T Mac put 32.7 on 45% FG.
he had three years where he played great ball. all-star level, top 5 in the league type stuff. but that's it. and he did it for some very mediocre teams. he also shot 41.7% from the floor in 04, while jacking up 7.7 three's per game. even his prime was mixed

that whole early 2000s era of guys trying to be jordan was ugly basketball, at least to me. kobe included. there were some great highlights, but vince, t-mac, stackhouse for that one year....they never went anywhere. it was all fluff. kobe would be in the same boat if he didn't have shaq carrying his ass

Originally Posted by JimmyMcAdocious
2003 McGrady shot .457 from the field...

And you going to tell me Iverson wasn't fun to watch? Career .425 shooter. .420 shooter in his MVP season.
iverson was a classic underdog, he was scrappy and had a ton of heart, which made his atrocious shot selection something you could ignore

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