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Default Wow. We got lucky vs NY. Awful game.

Jennings was definitely not being himself.

Game ran through Josh Smith at the beginning of the game. Mildly effective, but nothing was smooth offensively.

This was just a sloppy game on both sides.

STUCKEY BROUGHT IT TODAY! I really liked his game and the way he handled the offense at points.

KCP with extended minutes. I like his confidence in shooting the shot, but damn...he still can't shoot. hahaha.

Loved the feeding of Andre Drummond on cuts and the pick and rolls. First time I've seen it used effectively throughout the game without Bynum being the distributor.

Greg Monroe was really off with the handling of the ball in the post. Missed dribbled a lot. Same with Smith in the post. NY brought the double hard and those two bigs couldn't handle it.

Also noticed when Smith is in the post, he doesn't like passing it out to the 3. He wants to feed one of the bigs.

Any other notes you guys observed?
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