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Default Re: 2014 NBA Draft = OVERHYPED

Originally Posted by TonyMontana
There is one player worth talking about in this draft....Wiggins. His combination of athletisicm + skills will allow him to be an elite player in the NBA.

But who are the other guys?

Jabari Parker? Julius Randle?

I feel sorry for whichever team picks these dudes expecting a hall of famer or even a franchise player. Both of them have average athletic ability(NBA standards) and size, while not possessing any intangibles such as making teammates better, rebounding, defense.

Their absolute ceiling is a guy like Melo. Average athlete, high usage rate, inefficient, no intangibles. And thats the absolute ceiling. Melo was way better at their age. In reality these guys will more than likely end up as a Michael Beasley, or Antawn Jamison. They are not franchise changers and once people realize they have a very small impact at the NBA level they will have virtually no value.

Only one guy in this draft worth anything.

Are you back again Jeff's puppet?

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