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Default Re: Wow. We got lucky vs NY. Awful game.

Spot on about Stuckey mate - this is the PERFECT role for him. Coming off the bench and being the scorer we need him to be. He has safe hands when dribbling - works well with the second unit...

KCP - as soon as his shot starts to drop he is going to be BIG time for us. He is always moving / hustling into great positions. Has a great first dribble and great shooting mechanics. Was 3/7 downtown tonight which is a positive. We need to leave him as the starter - the confidence will come and so will his shot. He brings good size and balance to our starting lineup.

I HATE when Smith grabs a rebound because he insists on dribbling it up the court himself. It happened a few times tonight where he would blatantly ignore Jennings / Stuckey after he grabbed the defensive board.

Jennings needs to set the passing game up first to open up his offense - not the other way around..

If Siva gets any more game time I will cry... I'd rather bring Charlie V on to run the point over Siva, Geez...
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