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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by lefthook00
I think mma/UFC had a really hard time becoming legalized in the beginning IIRC, adopting the 10-point system probably helped the UFC become legalized. Maybe something to do with the Nevada State Athletic Commission back in the day?
ah, good point. using the boxing system was quite possibly a strategic / political appeasement in the wake of all that early resistance... like john mccain going all apeshit against MMA.

I think keeping the 10-point system would be okay if the judges weren't so retarded. Can't use boxing judges for mma...
problem is, i don't think they have any motivation or stimulus to change. kizer sounded like he was almost amused by the whole GSP - dana white thing. anyway, he's just some political crony whose main concern is not making waves and keeping the money flowing in. i don't think he gives a shit.

but if they integrated fightmetrics and the eye test, i think the system could much better survive any one part making a poor conclusion.

jon jones pulled out of two cards in a row because he's STILL messed up from the gustafsson fight...!
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