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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I'm looking for info again from those of you who finished it. I just started doing prep work for The Big One Heist, which if you'll recall is apparently robbing the federal reserve. I have two options, a disguise going in through a truck, or apparently go through a giant construction hole in the ground. All I've done is scout out the site with Micheal and Franklyn, and then follow the trucks and check out the hole from a helicopter with the other two.

I'm sensing I'm closing in on my last mission, since I've been lead to believe there's a huge payout at the end, and this certainly feels like it.

I've also been told that there's more than one ending, so I'd like to make an extra save if this is the spot.

Is this the spot? How close am I?

Yes that is the last and final heist mission.

After this you then have to do the final mission where you pick 3 options. I didnt do a seperate save for this to see how each one played out. However you can replay the "ending" after you complete the game via the replay mission menu.

You are close tho. Enjoy the big payout

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