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Default Re: Jason Kidd should be fired immediately

Originally Posted by niko
The stars are taking turns with the ball. That's not exactly a hard observation to make.

What i would do...
1) Tell KG and PP they are part of the Nets and not on a consulting assignment. That means follow Net rules (sit on bench when not playing, talk to media after game). You can't have separate rules. It's not KG or PP who are absolute pro's pros that any team would love. It's the other guys who aren't following along. But as in anything in life, sometimes the fix isn't so much for the guys behaving, it's for the other guys.
2) Give Kidd more responsibility. Lawrence Frank does way too much. His strategy is respected, he's not respected. The teams he coached (nets included) gave shitty off and on effort. This Nets team right now is giving shitty off and on effort. Make Kidd be more active. That way he can come out and get in people's faces when they aren't doing effort. If Lawrence Frank could do this and not Kidd, he'd be the coach.

Everyone said KG and PP would police things, the problem is they aren't policing for the coach, they are policing for themselves. It's a strange dynamic that isn't ideal for Kidd to become the leader of the team. The Nets have Kidd as a leader who isn't in position to be vocal during game, KG as a mouthpiece for who exactly, PP probably off court the person everyone looks to, Deron who should be the leader but is not, Lopez who is the best player but isn't personality wise that kind of leader, and Frank who is auditioning for his next job doing what Kidd should be doing.

It's bizarre. Fixable, totally. But to fix means they have to acknoweldge something is wrong, and as a Knick fan i can say that doesn't always happen.

I think Kidd should at least this early on take a bit more of a passive role and learn. I think KG and PP at this stage in their careers are gonna do what they are gonna do regardless of who's named head coach.
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