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Default Re: Raptors interested in Omer Asik

Originally Posted by bokes15
Val isn't a hybrid 3/4/5 like a lot of Center's these days. I don't see him being successful against quicker 4's and then throw him next to another guy who is also most successful in the paint and you have another Asik/Howard situation. Asik would be good next to someone like West, Randolph, Bosh, Dirk, etc... but not someone like Val.

Agreed. Asik and Valanciunas will both be at their best with a more perimeter oriented 4. David West was mentioned, and as talented in the post as he is, he can effectively play a mid range game which makes his chemistry with Hibbert very good.

Asik and Valanciunas together (and throw in Hansbrough, Johnson, and Gray into the mix) just wouldn't work that way.
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