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Default Re: Chip Kelly to the Eagles?

Originally Posted by StateProperty
The talk was he needed the personnel to run his offense successfully. Replace speedsters Vick/Maclin with Foles/Cooper and no problems. Even getting 50 yard running games, with DESIGNED runs, from a QB that ran a 5.2 40.

He had bumps early with time management and knowing the NFL rule book. Maybe cost us the Chargers game. But I think he's turned into the right hire.

Chip get all da hoes

Longest tenured Eagles fan on ISH and I hope you're right and I was wrong.

But... wins over Wash (x2), TB, NYG, OAK, GB with a 3rd string QB.

4 of the remaining 5 are against teams with winning records. I want to see how that goes.

Also, as referenced by someone else, you have to be able to run some 4th quarter clock in the NFL. He couldn't do it at Oregon and so far hasn't fared well. Tough to base everything on GO GO GO, only to suddenly say SLOW SLOW SLOW.
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