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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Originally Posted by Ai2death
This filo dude I know, I swear was born with a ball in his hand, we call him The Professor. He puts it through his legs, and yours while taking it to the rack.

Was going to play ball tonight, but I can feel my knees are sore just standing up, double thinking if I should rest.
Going to do some reps of body weight squats and stretch them out later today and see if the pain goes away.

Was watching Michael Jordan tips on YouTube last night, just gives me ideas of stuff I want to focus on, also aim at getting my handle faster.
Played a small 20 minutes of pick up with the bro yesterday against some of the local guys at the court. Pretty good sesh practiced working out of the post.

I could be a pretty good post player for my size I think, I have a solid turn around J, up & under and good pass/shot fakes. Just trying to get a spin move down and I think I'll have a decent repertoire of moves. Always room for more though

See how it goes for later, till then

nice. I'll rep you later.
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