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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
You don't know that and I don't know that. He could be the next Bill Russell. Potential > Duncan and his old age. Duncan sucks on defense in my opinion. Oden did all he did leading his team to the finals with 1 hand...!!! Rebounding with one arm most of the season.

Oden is faster, can jump higher, and is strong as hell for his age. Oden a million times over Tim Duncan.

You are the first person ive heard saying duncan sucks on defense. Getting dunk on is common on players that actually try to dunk instead of running away from contact or the current trend, flopping. I can already imagine you flopping around when you play. maybe thats your idea of defense. And using your logic, mutombo, Zo, ewing etc all suck on defense because we they are getting dunked on.
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