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Default Re: At 5-7, we lead the division..

Nets and Knicks are the shocker. Boston and Philly I think are "coming back to earth" likely as projected.

In so much as it ruins my preseason projections...I cannot exclaim how happy I am to see the Knicks imploding and to a lesser degree the Nets. My "fan season" would be complete if the Knicks failed to get into the post season and the Nets were one and done...

It may spoil the high pick if Toronto performs better in the Titantic than expected all season long... but frankly this team is not constituted to tank in the first place. This team always had enough talent to compete for a 6-7-8 spot in the east; unless MU had really unwound the team at training camp we all sort of said the same thing.

Middling performance middling draft pick.

Moves I suspose are all still possible but this start to the season means the Raptors management are :

1) going to push for the playoffs
2) more likely to add a minor piece than subtract from the core team..i.e. ticker at the edges.
3) Make any decisions about Gay and Klow in the offseason.

I would assume that at 15th overall draft pick next season they are looking for a quality young PG and PF
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