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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

Originally Posted by Dresta
You're really thick. First, Kevin Martin doesn't play defence, and is a one-dimensional scorer. Second, the Heat have been saying Wade won't be properly healthy until December, and so they are working him back slowly, and with caution, because you know, they have the big picture in mind (Rashard Lewis had the same knee treatment and said it took 6 months to fully recover - supported by the fact he was shit last season, and has been very good so far this season). The T-Wolves don't have to worry about that because they are first-round fodder. Thirdly, K-Mart has been playing much better than he did the last 2 seasons, and if he'd been playing this well then, he'd be earning more money.

In short: you are full of

LMAO...I’m full of it yet you’re clearly supporting my argument in your response. Kevin Martin didn’t make anything because he didn’t perform prior years before, isn’t this what you’re indicating above?

exactly what is Wade doing now that’s so different than Kevin Martin before

you’re basing it off future hope that Wade recovers, right now he’s worth no more than $8mil over 3 years..if he breaks out and has 25ppg season (very unliekly) then he can say he deserves more, but over the past 3 years all he has done is decline. you can attest that by stats, PER, watching every game over n over, and what ever other criteria you would like to measure as well
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