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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

Originally Posted by r15mohd
LMAO...Iím full of it yet youíre clearly supporting my argument in your response. Kevin Martin didnít make anything because he didnít perform prior years before, isnít this what youíre indicating above?

exactly what is Wade doing now thatís so different than Kevin Martin before

youíre basing it off future hope that Wade recovers, right now heís worth no more than $8mil over 3 years..if he breaks out and has 25ppg season (very unliekly) then he can say he deserves more, but over the past 3 years all he has done is decline. you can attest that by stats, PER, watching every game, and what other criteria you would like to measure as well
If you were an owner and need to hire a worker, do you look at the person's resume for the past 5 years or do you look at what they did last year? What has K-mart done in the last 5 years to deserve to be in a position that Wade is in?

If you hire K-mart, you know he's a role player capable of hitting shots. If you hire D-Wade, you're hiring a proven winner who makes game changing plays. You're kidding yourself if you think the Heat would trade Wade for Martin straight up this year or even for the next 3 years. They would even have second thoughts of trading Ray Allen for him straight up right now. It's not even about stats half the time. 13 games in and Kevin Martin is averaging 23 points. He'll end up averaging 19/2/4 on 43% shooting and no defense. Good player and good fit on the T-Wolves, but he'll never have the same impact that Wade has in the locker room or on the hardwood.

Btw, Wade made like $3 million in his first championship year. He was underpaid then. Now being overpaid based on performance just evens things out. He deserves every penny because the Heat agreed to pay him. The only time I'll knock a player for his money is if he doesn't try anymore and is careless about winning. You can call him overpaid, but he's definitely earned it. If Wade is at the end of his contract and is asking for $20 mil, it'll be a different story.
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