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Default Re: Dwight Howard had the best game of the year....

Originally Posted by scm5
Dwight is such a joke. Former DPOY and he's made zero impact on Houston's defense.

Houston's defensive efficiency last season: 106.1
Houston's defensive efficiency this season: 106.4

Lakers defensive efficiency last season: 106.6
Lakers defensive efficiency this season: 105.1

The truth is as a Bulls fan who has little invested in Houston, Howard is anchoring a team with the worse defensive players he has ever played with...

You can't throw out stats without the understanding of just who Howard is playing with....Harden is an exceptional talent...But he is arguably the worst defensive SG in the league...Then you look at the 2 and 3 position and it's the same thing....Lin, while an offensive spark, gets beat a lot by his man...Parsons is a very solid player who can drop 20 in his sleep, but again on defense he is lacking...

So what you are left with is Dwight Howard being the only defensive force on the team as the center...You can't expect the man to play D in the paint AND on the perimeter...

Again, Howard is a lot of things...But the blame game with this dude has become over the top...

What people need to be having issue with is how Kevin Mchale coaches down the stretch of tight games and the fact that the Rockets' perimeter defense is horrible...
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