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Default Re: Stephen A Smith: Melo will Likely leave the Knicks

Originally Posted by hawkfan
Detroit is ideal, because they don't have a franchise scorer.
He can play that role.
Then he would have Jennings - the point guard who can get to the rim; Singler - the outside shooter to spread the floor; Smith - the versatile power forward; and Drummond - the big who can score and rebound.

No. Exactly where he doesn´t need to go. Josh Smith does whatever he wants on that team (mainly the same stupid shit he did in Atlanta), because he is their lockerroom leader. Melo needs a place with strong veteran leadership from the coach and the lockerroom, that teach him how to make himself and the team better. Admittedly there are not many teams that fit that description with capspace, top coaching and a superstar that Melo would respect and listen to.
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