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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

The fact is the 3 of them have player options. Wade wants to opt in and just take the money while not contributing as much? Lebron walks to Cleveland, Bosh signs with some other team. You think he wants that? Then the team becomes trash and front office entertain the thought trading him anyways.

If Beasley steps up and does play the way they want (6th man of the year type numbers), he should get a decent contract. The suns are still paying him from the buyout 4m this year and 3m next. But Heat still have to give him a decent contract. They can only do that if someone who hasn't been contributing as much takes a cut. Wade and Bosh struggled in the playoffs and certainly in the finals. What they do this season determines who should take the paycut because they have been slacking. Loyalty goes both ways. The player option they wanted was to allow them to re-evaluate the situation and if they still want to be on this team. Wade makes tons of money on his brand deals and commercials (tmobile) anyways.
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