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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

Originally Posted by Dresta
Sorry, but how would having Wade and Bosh not make Min a better team than having Love and Martin? They are 7-6 for christ's sake.


What the **** are you babbling about you cretinous piece of shit?
BRB Chris Bosh's 19/5 he'll average>26/14/4 stats are 4 f@gs worse numbers by far>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

BRB D-Wade being old and constantly injured averaging 16/5/5 will REALLY help them a lot. Much more than K-Mart's 24/4/3 and 47% from 3.

BRB stats mean nothing K-Love is a 2nd option empty stat monster. No stats matter, only defense has impact. Rebounding, scoring, passing, shooting 3's, NO impact. ONLY DEFENSE.
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