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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

Originally Posted by atljonesbro
BRB Chris Bosh's 19/5 he'll average>26/14/4 stats are 4 f@gs worse numbers by far>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

BRB D-Wade being old and constantly injured averaging 16/5/5 will REALLY help them a lot. Much more than K-Mart's 24/4/3 and 47% from 3.

BRB stats mean nothing K-Love is a 2nd option empty stat monster. No stats matter, only defense has impact. Rebounding, scoring, passing, shooting 3's, NO impact. ONLY DEFENSE.
Different circumstances, different teams. Bosh is playing 28mpg, and shooting 58%, but taking less than 10 shots.

Wade is cruising because health in the playoffs is the obvious priority, and this Heat team is very deep and winning comfortably without him (and without Bosh and Lebron playing in the 4th at all the last 3 games).

What is hard to understand about this? Why do morons like you only see stats and no context?

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