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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

Originally Posted by aj1987
You must not really be a Miami fan, if you think the Heat or Riley are going to offer "6-8 mil" to Wade. When he's playing, he's still a 20/5/5 player. Joel Anthony is making $4M this season. Wade is worth a LOT more than that.

i'm a Miami Heat fan, not a player you are. again you'll side with him making more because you're a Wade fan, and that's fine. he's declining (rather quickly), whether you accept it or not.

from a business aspect and ongoing title contention point of view, he's not worth it to me (definitely not over $8 mil a season). I'd rather grab some young and healthy mediocre-to-good SG, many are available this upcoming summer, and pay them that $8mil if Wade isn't on board with, and again I say, the TEAM's direction. Goal is to win titles, a hampering/declining Wade isn't reliable as he once least not to where the Heat need that option to continue these runs.

for me, this is his last stint proving himself, he has to show up or it's basically the end of the line for him. These 1 in every 10 games spurts he has isn't cutting it anymore to say he's "worth it".

you don't have to like my view, but business is business...all I care about are parade's on Biscayne, players loyalty and past stints with the team mean very little if it isn't benefiting the organization today.

Originally Posted by Dresta
He's clearly a Lebron fan.

right! so bcuz I lay out some reality, I'm a Lebron stan

very typical responses you both have when someone disagrees with you.
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