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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

Originally Posted by r15mohd
I'm not lying to myself...calling it as it is, I'm all about the organization first. Never tie emotion into the decision, that's where it goes wrong...and that's why all you can resort to is rebuttalling with "I'm not a true Heat fan"

Wade is not serviceable for a full season, you clearly agree, yet you expect to pay him as he is (even more because he is declining?) You bring up stats over a 41-game stretch, arbitrary because it supports you paying him out his "worth". His agent will probably do the same thing too if the Heat try to restructure. What about the remainder of the season and his's showing more and more as time goes's unfortunate for him because when he is on, he's great but that's few and far between for the team to rely on.

Don't get me wrong, understand your side completely but it is a business in the end and Wade can provide to the Heat squad when HEALTHY, but that isn't coming at the $20 mil a season he's scheduled to get and playing 40-games for the year, with the rest injured or needing rest. It's too risky and not beneficial for a downward sloping player from the organization's perspective, we can get more for the same figures or even less from another SG available this summer.

In the end, Wade will have no choice but to much as he wants that $20 mil, Riley won't give it to him. If the Heat miss opportunities at the title, he'll be blamed for holding the organization at his will with the contract and inability to sign other players to fill his non-existence while he's injured (let's hope it doesn't come to this). Only deserving players of the option is Bosh and Lebron, they're in the grind day in/out for the team and should be rewarded for it...immmensely!
I'm not saying he deserves $20M, but he definitely is worth more than $6M-$8M. I can see him signing a 4 year 45-50 deal.
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