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Default Re: At 5-7, we lead the division..

Originally Posted by kmart
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Brooklyn and Knicks are probably coming back.

I am not so sure. You may very well be correct...

...but I am looking at the Knicks especially close and frankly I am not sure this team comes back...

1) Chandler gone for months. Not withstanding the beasts hyping his solo numbers - the Knicks are relying on Bargnani to be their center... 12 points 4 rebounds verses Indiana.. their number 2 option. He isnt the type of player that thrives in low post rebounding buckets ala Chandler and the o scheme for Melo

2) Felton a questionable starter also injured as primary PG.

3) Amare on time limits per game. Even if he comes back there are some indications he doesnt have it anymore.

4) Say what you want about the Bargnani trade from a Toronto perspective but they seem to have given up depth and outside shooting.

5) Shupert on the way out as a disgruntled employee...

which only leaves... Melo. Melo cannot carry a team on his back.

But even further true is that every 5-10 seasons the Knicks implode and the team starts all over - all over the cap before and after.The rumors for Rondo etc speak volume about desparation.

In 68 games left they will play a fair number verses Boston/Philly/Bucks - but they also have to play against the Wizards/Cavs/Raptors/Pistons/Hawks - all teams that are at least marginally improved enough to compete for the playoffs. Further they still have a "big west coast swing" due...

16 - 24 @ midpoint when Chandler comes back is not out of the realm of possibility.
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