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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

Originally Posted by aj1987
I'm not saying he deserves $20M, but he definitely is worth more than $6M-$8M. I can see him signing a 4 year 45-50 deal.
Wade has 2 more years after this year on his current deal. He'll be 34 when he hits FA in 2016. It'd be crazy to give him a 4 year deal at that age. Give him a Manu Ginobilli or Boston Celtics offer to Ray Allen like deal at best, 2 years, $15-$16 million.

It's no real gain for him to opt out of the remaining 2 years, he's due another $40 million on his current deal, don't think he'd be happy making that same amount in 4 years instead of 2.
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