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Default Re: Start A Franchise: Kemba Walker Vs Brandon Jennings...

I would definitely go with Kemba because I could see him as the starting PG on a contender. He is a much better defender and a better competitor than Jennings. People forget that Kemba was essentially a defensive stopper as a freshman at UCONN. He evolved into the role as the teams offensive leader which shows that he is willing to understand his role on the team. Kemba is a chucker by necessity. The Bobcats are bad and have nobody that can create for themselves. Kemba shouldn't be the best scorer on a team but he is for them.

Jennings is more talented in almost every aspect offensively. More talented passer, shooter, etc. However, his defense is downright awful sometimes. Poor off ball principles, lazy help, and only occasionally gives legit on-ball effort. And heart might sound like a cop out response but at some point it has merit. If you are that lazy on defense...then you are willing to put in the work needed to win (aka no heart).

I really like Jennings talent, but I don't see improvement at this stage. I think you have a higher probability of building a winning team with Kemba at point.
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