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Default Re: At 5-7, we lead the division..

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
To say it's still early is one thing. But to say a 3-8 start for both NY and BK, teams picked to be top 4-5 in the East means nothing is just stupid. As for Toronto, believe it or not last year we got our 5th win on December 14 after playing 24 games. This year we got our 5th win in 12. So damn right it means something. Sure we're mediocre, but sadly that's still an upgrade. And that's with a couple of games we should've won but let slip away.

70 games left dude. Who's to say NYK and BK can't come out blazing hot from here on out? Weren't we .500 after the Rudy Gay trade to bring us up in the standings from horribly bad to seeing some sort of light at the end of the tunnel? Get back to me January where the picture becomes a bit more clearer.
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