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Default Re: At 5-7, we lead the division..

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I am very scared of a repeat of what happened the last time the Raptors won the division.

The only reason they won was because everyone was tanking, not because they were a good team. The Raptors won the "Titanic "division, lost in the 1st round and then became totally irrelevant afterwards because they actually thought they had a good enough core to move forward with. If the Raptors win the division this year, it will be for the same reason. And this time, they don't even have a player as good as Chris Bosh was.

Again, this roster should have been dismantled. Casey too.

except on Casey. Who else is going to be the tank commander, if not an inept coach.

Right now we would play the bulls in the first round. That would be fun
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