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Originally Posted by Rake2204
You know, I gave current gen 2K14 such a hard time when it was initially released because it seemed like the smallest amount of improvement year-to-year of the entire series. But after seeing next gen 2K14 (which looks great and I hear plays well on-court), paying a (hopefully) reduced price for current gen 2K14 doesn't seem so shabby in comparison to dropping $500+ on a new 2K with many aspects stripped down.
Yeah, I can definitely tell there was very little improvement from 2K13 to 2K14 on current gen, but it still plays a pretty solid game of basketball out of the box, and once some good rosters get released and paired with a good set of sliders, it'll be more than acceptable. Like I said, as someone who predominantly plays with OKC, I love that shot blockers like Ibaka can actually make an impact on defense.

And while this isn't a big deal, at least the I get the Pelicans court and jerseys instead of playing as the 2014 Pelicans with the Hornets logo and court like I was doing on 2K13. I'll eventually get a PS4 in the next year or so, but this will work for the time being.
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