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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Took most of last week off, played social mixed bball last night which is mainly good for a laugh.
We've been playing in the mixed league for the last 3 or so years, and we versed the only other team who have been there as long. Kinda like a rivalry game.

We started out slow, I was making excellent passes as I planned to focus on that, but my team mates just couldn't convert. Rough first half and shots weren't dropping. Finished the first half down by 12. I had 2 pts, couple of assist, 1 block and a steal. 0 turn overs.

In the second half, I came out more aggressive, looking to score. Had a nice up and under and 1, and a euro step. Our big man started hitting his mid range J, I couldn't get my shot to hit, I somehow sprained my wrist a few days before and couldn't get comfortable shooting, hence why I drove almost every time.

We finished up winning by 10. Fun game though. My knees are aching today, but started up my squat and stretch routine again, just pushed through the pain. They feel better for it. Going to do it twice a day and see how it goes.

Next looking to play Wednesday night.

Also, starting up our men's social team again after Christmas. Need an idea for new uniforms, any good suggestions are welcomed.

Until next time, laters
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