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Default Re: Real Raptors fans stand up!

Originally Posted by Jballer
Exactly what I was trying to say with my post about the GMs over the years.

Ownership has allowed each GM after 2 -3 years to make short sighted moves because these GMs have all been on short term leashes..

Isiah, Big G, Babcock, Collangelo.

The Mighty Mouse flight
The Vince trade
The Bosh trade

Maybe the "new executive of MLSE" will allow this president this GM to actually lay down a 3 - 7 year plan (ala SanAntonio) to build a consistent winning franchise that will encourage star players to stay and complimentry star players to come...

I hope a true fan...

I have doubts.

i do agree with this. But to be in that position you actually need a direction for a team and not quick fixes. We need an ownership that is willing to wait and let the team rebuild slowly into a strong team. The only way the raptors will ever be a great team is via the draft. We need to get consistently high draft picks and find starts/superstars through teh draft. Then we will see others joining us. These GM's get fired because there is no consistent plan! So its really a two sided afair in not having a great GM with a long term plan and an ownership that wants to just make teh playoffs.
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