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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
imma sophomore in highschool and last week i got cut from the team. my coach didn't tell me what i needed to work on, but i kinda now what i do. ball handling (especially left hand) and defense. I got defense just half the time i lazy which i shouldn't be so if anyone has any good dribbling drills to get my left handles crazy good, holla at ya boy.

today i just played at the ymca for the first time since getting cut. we ran a couple full court games (not the brightest competition) but i shot bad but made layups and passed really good. hopefully my passing today wasn't a fluke . people were calling me rubio

BTW, good thread op. i like the idea. ISH Fam!!

Better Basketball has a ball handling video with like 150 different dribbling drills. You can buy it/download it/most of it may already be on youtube. I do 30 of them everyday and in 3 weeks it has vastly improved my ball handling. I can only imagine what it will be like after 6 months. It not only improves your handles, but also your passing because you hands are so much stronger and Rubio esk passes with one hand start becoming accurate. Like with anything, it takes a lot of reps, and a mindset that has really worked for me is to basically make the basketball an extension of myself or like my child. I would defend myself or my child from someone trying to take it with my life, and I try to apply the same attitude towards the basketball. It sounds kind of ridiculous, but making yourself one with the basketball is like a spiritual experience... like an artist with his paintbrush, or musician with his instrument. Also a main emphasis while dribbling is keeping the core strong. If people know they can body you up and throw you off, they will. If you remain strong however, when they body you up it feels like they are hitting a solid wall and they can't physically impose themselves. When you do the drills you should feel your core working hard.
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