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Default Re: Ryan McDonough: 'It's an insult' to think we can't have success outside the lottery

Originally Posted by Anti Hero
Yahoo FBBall has him listed as a C.

What would you do with Kieff though, are you ready to give up on him?
I like kieff, starting to develop a more solid role. He can create his own shot which is good but he plays small. As it is, our line up is too small, we got abused on some plays by birdman last night because he wasnt defending well, that and birdman made it look like a mismatch. On second thought, Omer asik is too stiff or slow for our team though.

We need to rebound much better. Also, yall watch the 4th quarter last night? It was like suns were playing pick up ball, lack of chemistry...everyone was just trying to hit a 3 instead of running plays. Turnovers, no boards, atrocious offense...hey coach, where you at???
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