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Default Re: X Box One or PS4

Originally Posted by Brujesino
For those waitig for a drop in price from either console

Game console price cuts by the numbers

//"The two new consoles will likely not have official price drops until spring 2015, at the earliest," Matt Matthews, a game industry analyst who writes for Gamasutra, forecast in an interview with CNET.

That falls in line with history. The Xbox 360, launched in November 2005 to warm reception, didn't see a price drop until August of 2007, and even then it was only $50 on its middle-tier model and $20 on its low- and high-end models. The Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, launched at $249 in November of 2006 and didn't cut its price for nearly three years due to the strength of its sales; the Wii ended up outselling its competitors by tens of millions of units and broke December sales records after its 2009 price cut.//

The information here is deliberately misleading. The PS3 price dropped $100 within a year for an upgraded system with more storage space.

The Xbox 360 didn't drop in price within a year, but the biggest reason for that is the strategic launch of the system which gave it a "monopoly" on modern home consoles for over a year. As soon as PS3's started becoming readily available Microsoft dropped their price.

Right now with MS and Sony competing for the same consumer more directly than ever before, expect price drops and/or improved products soon. 1TB or 2TB consoles are coming within a year at the same price, I'm calling it now.
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