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Default Re: Jennings out of control

At least Jennings has been a bit better lately. I think Stuckey's scoring in the back court has really helped things. He's a guy that Pistons fans have kind of taken for granted. When he's been healthy he's been really good. It's just he hasn't been 100% healthy for all that much. For as bad as the Pistons have been, it's kind of crazy they actually still have a chance to make some noise in the East. There's only 3 teams in the entire conference with winning records.... The East is just terrible in general. Detroit is only a game back of 2nd place in the division and Chicago just lost Rose for the season. NY and Brooklyn have been bad enough one of those teams may not make the playoffs. Even though this team has been disappointing it looks like they are a lock for the playoffs and with as bad as the East is anything could happen.
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