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Default Re: R Wilson vs. Kaepernick

LOL @ all the people that typed kap.

He can't THROW The ball. Reason why he was so accurate last year cus option had defenses shook and receivers were always WIDE open. Figured him out this year. Can't pass his way out of a wet paper bag. No smarts. Doesn't study. Not humble.

By this tine next year, wont be starting.

Carolina and saints games exposed the shit out of him. Games on the line need to LEAD your team with PASSING he failed MISERABLY. LOL. Horrible.

And running out of bounds vs saints when he knew he wouldn't get first down on a scramble? ???!!?/!! Lolololololololol. Football IQ of a high schooler.

Wilson is the truth. Progressing. Play maker. Solid as a rock. LEADER. SMART. CALM. More important attributes of a GREAT qb than agood freak talent that kap is. Kap is a bum.

And this year, Wilson's completion percentage would be 70%+ if our o line wasn't down 2,3 starters most of year and he was running for his life, a lot of his incompletions GOOD PLAYS throwing it away to avoid sack. He is progressing so much. Top 5 MVP candidate easy. If we had healthy o line all year, 70%+ 3,4 more touchdowns.

A no brainier. Wilson > kap
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