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Default Re: ISH NBA 2k7 Draft League(XBOX 360)

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
when you played me you made like 3 3's and didnt shot any jumpshots...I dont care but how is that making too many shots..

when 2k did the last update they screwed up the sliders for leagues. So at 50 no one and I mean no one can shot besides dunks at 50...If you dont believe me go make your own league...

I have played in leagues and this is a decent setting..any every1 i played seemed fine with it..

And please stop with the cheesey tactics...we are trying to have fun and play realistic games...There is a difference..
I led the league in 3-pt attempts. You closed out my 3-pt shooters so I went inside. THAT's REAL BASKETBALL. I said I was making too many 3's against OTHER players. I made 22 3's with one player in one game. It's on superstar mode and you can't shoot threes without slider help? Thank god someone made a new league. Hah cheesy tactics. If you were good, you wouldn't even use that word. Pathetic. Learn how to defend the paint. I bet if I gave you or anyone else that complains about "cheesing" 10 chances to beat me or any other decent player, you'd lose all 10 times.

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