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Default Re: Gasol poised for MVP season

Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
0% MVP but def poised for a big comeback year. Healthy and playing his natural role. He is going to have the ball ran through him, just how he likes it.

It's really difficult to run the offense through Gasol in Antoni's jack'em up from the perimeter small ball system in fact Gasol has bought into his scheme by not demanding the ball in the post enough maybe once or twice a game. It's apparent how Pau is now accustomed to chucking up majority of his shots from the perimeter.

I don't know if it's all on Antoni orchestrating or the fact Gasol has become Gasoft coz he's not looking like the old Pau during the championship years! Reasonably understanding that last year because of Howard's presence in the post but what's his excuse for not demanding the ball in the post this year? I'm convinced all Antoni can mustard is a outside jack'em up perimeter game and a no post low post during non-existence inside game.Of course Antoni hasn't proven yet nor will he anytime soon that he will start using the D that's why it's still missing in his name.
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