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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

The Suns effective field goal % in the first half was 71%. The means if they had shot only twos the equivalent was making 71%. That is insane.

Jazz were leading 11-6 when Trey Burke picked up his second foul. Burke was being manhandled by Goran Dragic. Has to be an eye opener to the rookie point guard that a guy who is not on anyone’s all world list is that hard to guard. Dragic is on fire averaging 25 a game over the last 5 shooting over 50% and in the first 5 minutes he was 3 for 3 with 9 points and had Burke out of the game. Dragic went at Burke 4 straight possessions scored on all of them and drew those two fouls.

Bring him off the bench until he proves he is ready. Start Garrett!

Marvin Williams was fantastic in the first half. He is burying the above the break three at over 50% and he is driving to the lane. He has been the king of efficient shots. He had 14 points and lead the team with 3 rebounds in the first half.

Trey Burke began to show what he can do in the 3rd quarter tonight. He took 8 shots hit on 4 of them and and had 9 points. He didn’t have an assist but he also didn’t have a turnover. He will find a way to get his teammates involved and the more he makes plays the more teams will have to adjust to him and that will give him the chance to make plays

Jazz cut it to 12 and Gordon Hayward had a right side three that would have cut it to 9 and ignited the crowd. It swirled out and the Jazz never had another shot to get back in the game. Those are the shots that have to fall and get the Jazz to have that momentum into a key portion of the game.

Interesting to see if the Jazz can make defensive improvements on the pick and roll. The Suns seemed to know where to go and how to hit plays a step before the Jazz made the rotation they needed to make. Gordon got caught a step late coming over to help on Plumlee on three or four straight plays at one point in the game. At the top of the pick and roll the Jazz big is hoping to slow down the guard enough so the Jazz guard can get off the pick and get back to the ball handler then allowing the Jazz big to release back to his man. That has not been tight enough. Sidney Lowe told me at halftime that the Jazz point guard has to get up on the body of the ball handler so he can stay attached through the pick and roll.

Nice to see Brandon Rush play and play without the brace.

Now if he can take minutes from Jefferson!

Alec Burks had the game that he has had all year – 4 pts on 1 of 3 shooting through 3 quarters and then he got going in the 4th quarter going 4 for 9 with 12 points, 5 of those coming in the final 5 minutes. Hopefully some of this 4th quarter success can get him going earlier in games. The Jazz really need him to play well.

Same time, same teams – lets see how tomorrow plays out.
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