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Default Xbox One/PSN Gamertags list (Updated - 01-13-2014)

With the next-gen now here, time for a new thread. 360/PS3 thread will remain stickied, and I'll update that when I can be bothered.

Feel free to post your GTs/PSN names. I'll keep the first post updated with your forum name first, followed by your GT/PSN name.

Xbox One gamertags

ihoopallday - kingjames99
Mr Exlax - Mr Exlax
NuggetsFan - EXPowerRANGER4U
TheReal Kendall - TheReal Kendall

Playstation 4 PSN names

ukballer - WarroF1
Rose - LudicrousWord
glidedrxlr22 - glidemvp22
Mr Exlax - Mr_Exlax
Shade8780 - RMolloy24
DaSeba5 - MrSebas561
BlackWhiteGreen - wittyk3rmit
Undisputed - HellToPlay

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