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Default Re: Dion Waiters and others for Deng rumor

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I'd welcome Waiters, Turner and Shumpert. I feel like either one of them would have something to bring to the table here and add something.

Waiters would be my top choice as I feel he has the most overall potential but also because he's the best scorer something we definitely need more of.

Turner is a good ball handler and playmaker which is also something we could use.

Shumpert is a very good defender and can hit a spot up outside shot so he would be a welcome addition.

Either one of these guys could play alongside Butler.
I'm pretty critical of Waiters, but I don't think he fits very well. He's a very me-focused guy. Complains when he doesn't get the ball, is upset he gets benched for not playing defense while Kyrie gets away with it. Kinda asking for trouble.

Turner could be a really good fit, but I want to see how long he keeps this up. He's had stretches of 10ish games where it looks like he's finally gonna arrive and be consistent but then goes back to being kinda bad.

Shumpert I like. And have no complaints.
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