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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Last nights game was sooo frustrating, refs were making bad calls. I had 3 clean charges, yeah my feet weren't set as I was shuffling sideways, but they were the ones where the guy was going right every time and just dropped his shoulder every time.

I've gotten into this bad habit of arguing with the ref, I really want to focus on stopping that, but when you're in the moment, it's hard.

We won the game overall though. Just a social league. Last time we played that team we won as well, best part is that they are all trash talkers, I love playing against trash talkers, I play my best games. It's like, when someone talks trash, it challengers me, get's me in the zone, anyone else like this?

So yeah, game was pretty close, half way through the second half, their centre was just talking mad shit to me. In my head I was just think, 'this is going to be fun.'

First moment between us was in the open court, he was trying to stop me at the half way, I crossed him and he just resorts to clotheslining me. Just glanced off, he stays saying stuff, so I was just like 'you won't get it off me man, you won't.'

He just kept talking crap as the game went on, I just laughed, but then I had the icing on the cake. I received the ball up top. Iso'd the guy d'ing me up top, threw a sham god dribble at him, got passed him, as I drive in first bounce, the centre talking shit steps up. I picked the ball up, euro'd to my right first, pass faked to my right, he bit so hard. I stepped left him, completely going the wrong way. Finger roll and it's good. He was speechless. I just jogged past him as he collected the ball, I just said, 'you like that aye.' I jog back up the court and his was fuming. A few seconds later the game was over.

Would've sounded like such a douche, but to me it was cool hahaha

On a finishing note, knees are feeling better. Skip and squats tonight.

Until next time, laters
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