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Default Re: Anthony Bennett to the D-League?

he has definitely got talent, but its unrefined. He can kinda shoot it, but not well enough to justify how many jumpers hes taking. he looked like he had some post up chops, and could take guys off the dribble in college. we havent seen that so far in the league. and he is definitely explosive, but he just looks outmatched at the moment.

as for his defense, its been ok, its improved as the season has gone on.

but at the end of the day, tristan, andy, and bynum are all much better players, and he doesnt deserve to take any time away from them.

it was thought that maybe he could play the 3, but brown said in the off season that he doesnt see him as a SF (or at least, not a SF this season, iirc). maybe if he loses a lot of weight, he could be a big burly SF, who just bullies smaller SFs down on the block.

he'll be ok, but its not like hes some incredible talent. i think most years, he would slip out of the top 5 of a draft, last year just sucked.

i wouldnt have a problem with sending him to the d-league. i want to see the cavs in the playoffs, and it doesnt seem like bennett can help them right now.
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