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Default Re: Dion Waiters and others for Deng rumor

For me it would be -


In that order. I would be fine with trading Deng for either of those guys.

Plus those guys are more suited for the SG position which let's us move Butler to his natural SF. Waiters gives us a legit outside threat. His numbers are down this year but I feel that is more on his offensive teammates in Cleveland. Here I think Kirk, Booz, and Noah are capable of finding him in open spots. And if Rose comes back to his form he is an excellent sidekick to his jump pass loving ass.

Turner gives us a utility to use in the backcourt and he can be a better offensive option then Butler for when Rose comes back.

Shumpert I love and I think Thibs could make him and Butler into a nightmare defensive wing duo. But his offensive game is not all there yet. He would have to work on his shooting and would make us less dangerous offensively (although that is not saying much nowadays).
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