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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

The kid was really special tonight. I delayed writing this for a moment because I donít want to be too over the top about Trey.

Why not? Everyone has been all along. Today he finally looked like he might deserve some of that talk.

Both the Rockets broadcaster after the game told me how impressed they were with Trey. He is legit. He has the it factor.

We'll see. Let's see how he does against the top defenses especially when the scouting report gets out on him and he has to adjust.

He isnít afraid and more than that he wants to make the great play. The drive over Howard tonight was absurd. He changes everything about this team and he changes everything for the other players on the team.
May I temper the enthusiasm for a quick moment. This was a great match-up with two very small point guards. The scouting report is not out on him yet. Teams will start to react. Teams will start playing bigger players on him. Teams will start to tax him defensively and he will go though some struggles. The road is not going to be without some bumps. With all of that said what we have seen in his opening few games tells us he is a special kid and he has a very bright future.

Maybe? Everyone thought all the Jazz's young guys had bright futures and right now they've all got a lot to prove still. Looks like they ought to field offers for Kanter if he's not going to play.

Jazz are 3-2 with Trey starting. He has 1 turnover in 89 minutes

Tyrone Corbin kept telling us and telling us that what they were asking Alec Burks to do was unfair. That putting the ball in his hand was not his strength and got him out of his game. The last two nights when playing with Trey he was able to attack the basket, play in a rhythm, play without the ball and he was terrific on the offensive end. He still made three or four defensive plays that have to drive coaches insane. Plays that were the complete opposite of the game plan from shootaround. That will get better as he matures and if he plays like this on offense the coaches will be able to deal with those a little more than otherwise.

Gordon Hayward got going tonight. The Rockets wanted to hide James Harden on Richard Jefferson and when they couldnít do that Hayward killed Harden and had 19 points in the first quarter. Hayward got matched against arguably the worst defensive player in the NBA and took advantage. That is huge to get him back on track. This was the night he needed and gives him the confidence to get out of the next slump.

Worth taking a look to see how many of Haywardís field goals were assisted. You can do it on the box scores. That is awesome.

Who had a bigger impact on the game tonight Derrick Favors or Dwight Howard? I didnít think Howard had that big an impact and I know Favors was a better offensive player tonight.

Should have gotten him the ball more!

The Rockets didnít hit a three in the third quarter.

Game was tied at 86 the exact same as the other night in Phoenix and for the second straight game the Jazz out played a good team to close out with a win. 23-17 to close over the final 8:00. With 6:00 left Corbin went to the closing five of Burke, Burks, Hayward, Marvin and Favors. Trey missed back to back shots and the Jazz looked like they might be in trouble. Then Favors hot a huge offensive rebound, then Jazz got two more offensive rebounds on the next possession by Favors and Marvin, and it lead to a Favors layup on a sick give from Burke. Burke then hit the driving layup over Howard. The key play came when Harden threw a pass to Casppi that he wasnít ready for and Marvin stole it for a dunk. Jazz by 5. Burks hit another driving layup. To keep it at 5 with 1:38 left and Marvin clinched on a gorgeous three after hawyard gave up a three after Burke had kept his dribble alive to make the play.

Clutch play late.

These wins are huge. They are still going to be hard to come by this year but these push this team forward and help them enjoy playing the game. They had lost that for a while.

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