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Default Re: Dion Waiters and others for Deng rumor

Originally Posted by Rose
Averaged over 20 points since Rose went out and 8 boards and I think 4-5 assists. I could be wrong on then can't remember. Upping his value.

If we can miss the playoffs, I can live with getting the bobcats pick this year. Gives us hopefully a top 12 pick and high teens, that's not bad in a deep draft.

Team has lost 6 of 7, so unintentional or not, the losses are racking up.

That is true. Hell if we tanked and dealt for Waiters and had our own high pick? Imagine Rose/Waiters/Parker? Two Chicagoans in the lineup. With maybe the Bobcats pick falling out the top 10 we could pick up an insurance high pick PG.

Just throwing ideas out there.

The last thing I want to see is my team losing when it has players like Noah who hate to lose. But if it is for one year and if it is to obtain a player that can help the franchise get right back into the title picture as soon as next season, then why not do it?
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