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Default Re: Assassin's Creed 4 new gameplay

Just finished it. What can I say, the story really picked up at the end, and this game had some great great missions, that were supper fun. Not going to spoil anything for you guys.

Edward is awesome character, waaay better than Connor, if you ask me. I really felt him as the story progressed, surprisingly I probably liked him even more than young Ezio, but overall Italian one was more interesting for me.

I would still rate this game below Assasins creed 2 and brotherhood. For me its a tie between 4,1 and Revelations, and better than 3rd.

Im not a fan of naval missions, even tho Im kind of sailor myself as I know all the names and learned a few tricks there and there from my father, but this naval shit was dumbed down to hilarious levels so I just hated the shit out of it.

Oh, and Im a city's person especially the awesome ones in 2 and brotherhood... memories.. and those characters, especially villains... wow.
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