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Default Re: "We will not be caught in no mans land" - Masai Ujiri

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
The team should consider all options. Why shouldn't it be option 1 ? You get an ownership that is committed to wins and making a fortune on the franchise. Dump the guys you don't want to make cap space and then get the correct players on really good established players. Sure, trades work too... especially if you get back picks.

Toronto has never established an identity through the draft even when they did have solid picks in Carter and McGrady. They never stuck around to develop in the long-term. I don't see any reason why they would start now. And let's not even forget the flops we had in the the mid-00 drafts.

Name a superstar that has gone to a market like Toronto for unrestricted free agency. There are none. While Toronto isn't a small market city, a lot of NBA players probably consider it to be one. It's not that Toronto is a terrible place to live, it's that you're not going to build a contender with a lot of NBA players not wanting to play in Canada. If they do manage to sign one by all means they should, it is just unlikely that they will ever get one.

It doesn't matter if ownership is committed. In a star driven league if none of the stars are willing to come via FA, you aren't going to be successful.

In today's age drafted players are obligated to play for their teams for much longer than back in the day, so whatever T-Mac pulled off isn't happening anymore.

VC was just an a**hole who wanted out, drove his value to the bottom and left Toronto with nothing.

Flip flops do happen, but hardly at the top of the draft. We haven't drafted top 4 since Bargs and Val has been the only top 5 pick since. Thats a lot of 8-13 overall pick. There just isn't enough talent at 8-13 seeds.
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