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Default We were always dumb to believe the Nets would be good.

Me included. Well, I didn't say they would be a 64 win team and be a true contender (they were my pre-season 4th seed), but I definitely saw them getting possibly to the ECF.

For a lot of people though, they were championship caliber...and looking back we should be ashamed as ball fans for jumping that gun when we knew the following:

- Their best player was Deron Williams
- Their coach had just retired as a player and was coaching a veteran team
- Garnett and Pierce were going to instill a tough/defensive culture...but we acted like they would also have a significant impact on the floor too
- Their bench was "deep", but it got to the point where we just called it deep because everyone else was calling it deep

So, injuries aside, let's be real, this team was never going to be amazing. Not this bad obviously, but not championship caliber.
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