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Default Re: Official Toronto Blue Jays Discussion 2013

Originally Posted by bluerap
..Now we are screwed with a maxed-out budget and very few prospects to use in acquisition of starting pitching and filling our other holes ...if AA can't pull a miracle in the next 2 years we will be back at square one with an old, overpaid team and a depleted farm system.

minor league system not as depleted as many think.....


(Dec. 2013)

1) RHP Aaron Sanchez

2) RHP Marcus Stroman

3) 3B Mitch Nay

4) LHP Daniel Norris
5) RHP Roberto Osuna
6) RHP Alberto Tirado
7) C A.J. Jimenez
8) CF D.J. Davis
9) LHP Matt Smoral
10) LHP Sean Nolin


Baseball Prospectus
(Dec. 2013)

"The #Jays will have seven arms in their top 10 (excluding Osuna), and six of the seven have role 6 grades (no. 3 starter) or higher. #rig"

"RHP Alberto Tirado is highly underrated nationally. FB already +; could end up a 7; SL/CH should get to +. #3 prospect on Jays farm."

"It's still a top ten farm for me. Above-avg thickness. RT @nicholasmcmanus @ProfessorParks huh? I thought we sold the farm last offseason?"

"Stroman is short but he's athletic and strong, and I really like his delivery. He has all the characteristics of a frontline #2 starter."

"Absolutely. Stroman is ready for major league rotation. RT @GrubersMullet @ProfessorParks Good enough to start in the bigs this year"

1) RHP Marcus Stroman

2) RHP Aaron Sanchez

3) RHP Alberto Tirado

4) LHP Daniel Norris
5) LHP Sean Nolin
6) C A.J. Jimenez
7) SS Franklin Barreto
8) CF D.J. Davis
9) RHP Chase DeJong
10) LHP Jairo Labourt

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