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Default Re: "We will not be caught in no mans land" - Masai Ujiri

Kmarts comments +1

Changes to the CBA help "a little" but NY, Brooklyn, Lakers are still prepared to pay the tax long term. Plus living inthe big time LA or New York market gives a player all those lucrative "national profile" gigs... movie cameos ala Shaq or local endoresement ala every Knick player. Bottom line being the Canada wide spokesmen for cold FX is just not as sexy as NY or LA.

However if we dont build a solid nucleus through the draft we will never even be in the game for getting a high profile FA. A trade will be one and done.

Take Melo and Lbron. All the talk is IF they might consider Cleveland. Why ?

The Cavs are small market. Its because that team has a core nucleus of talent that might entice a big name player to come to win a chanpionship. They may be close enough. The FA may be the one piece to put them over the top.

Winning championships or always going deep into the playoffs as a franchise offsets some the advantages of NY, LA (Miami, Chicago). Trust me its not taxes cause NY is just as bad. Its not metric...

Managing exclusively through the draft leaves you like the Timberwolves. Nothing. A few good seasons and nothing.

Managing exclusively through trades leaves you like the Bucks over the years. Nothing. A few good seasons and nothing.

Toronto has to build depth through the draft as table stakes.. just to be able to have a shot at a premium player. Then they need depth through the draft to trade away for another veteren piece to compliment the superstar and talented young roster.

Finally MLSE needs to spend over the cap at least once in a while. I dont think they ever have... despite being the 10th richest team by some measures.
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