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Default Re: Potential Kobe deals?

Kobe has flip flopped again and has said he wants to be traded according to new reports from ESPN.

I for one am not a big fan of T-mac, he has so much potential and yet relies on his diminishing jump shot. His 3point shooting has been eroding and he is not getting better. As for Kobe, I would do anything to get him, he has proved that he can actually win with a big man who demands double teams.

I would Trade T-mac, Luther Head, and a 1st rounder for Kobe and Luke Walton . I would throw in Rafer for good measure, (can't stand Rafer alston and his 37 FG%). The contracts match up.

I think that would be a fair trade. The lakers aren't going to get a better trade out there. D-wade, Lebron, Bosh, and melo are untouchables.

T-mac would still be able to sell tickets for the lakers and they get a solid shooter in Luther head plus a first rounder.

The rockets get a player who can actually be counted on when the game is on the line. The rockets would instantly be a legit contender (lets face it, they are not with T-mac).
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